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Rona, Racism, and Radical Parenting 

A FREE virtual conference to help you learn how to be a more intentional, conscious parent amidst the chaos to raise liberated children.

January 15-17, 2021



Finally, a conference that centers the black Parenting experience to help you remain conscious and intentional during these chaotic times!

Parenting is hard. Parenting while Black is even harder. Between navigating virtual school, racialized trauma, and Rona still raging her raggedy head, many of you are on the struggle bus, out of gas, running on fumes, tires balding, with the check engine light is on. You're doing your best to hold it all together but you need the right tools, a road map, and a safe gathering space to recalibrate from a state of chaos to calm. This conference is for you if you want to...

Learn Your Triggers

Stop Yelling & Spanking

Manage Your Stress 


"our ancestor's wildest dream"

starts with how we parent

our children. 

Raising liberated children, without violence, with love and empathy, and giving them the tools to be emotionally intelligent, confident, secure, and unapologetically Black AF is what I envision the Ancestors would want from us. In order for us to do that, we need to level up our parenting. We gotta heal, get rid of the mind-trash from colonization, shift, and reframe how we view our kid's behavior, and be the change we want to see.


And that's what this conference will help you do...make big mental shifts so you don't revert back to oppressive parenting practices when you're stressed.

The Parenting Decolonized Conference:

Rona, Racism, and Radical Parenting”

will bring together 20+ top leaders in conscious parenting, child development, and mental health for a live virtual experience to provide parents with “right now” action plans, ideas, strategies, resources, and tips for conscious parenting during stressful times, reimagining education during the Coronavirus, and the radical shifts required to be more confident, conscious, intentional parents. 

 Topics include:

  • All My Life I had to Fight: How Your Trauma Responses Impact your Parenting

  • Get Ya Mind Right: Mindset Changes Necessary to Raise Liberated Children

  • Use Your Inside Voice: How to Stop Yelling, and What to Do Instead

  • But How Will They Learn If I Don't Punish Them?: How to Navigate Natural and Logical Consequences 

  • And many more...

You excited yet? Yeah...we are too!

Preliminary Speaker Lineup

Krissy Gabrielle

Founder of Krissy's Couch 

Trina Greene-Brown

Author of Parenting for Liberation: A Guidebook for Raising Black Children

Domari Dickinson

Founder of Positive and Purposeful Parenting 

Rae & Crystal Stampley

Co-Founders of Conscious

Parenting TIme

Antoinette Cooper

Founder of the Black Exhale

Janelle Scales

Co-Host of Love is Justus Podcast


Even though we're featuring all Black speakers, we're still planning a diverse lineup.  Stay tuned....

It's time to...

Stop centering whiteness in your parenting

Decolonize your mindset

Reimagine education during the Coronavirus  

Heal from integenerational traumas

Recognize oppressive parenting and educational practices 

Manage your triggers to be more intentional and conscious

Are you ready to level up your parenting?


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To learn more about the benefits of sponsoring our summit, please contact Danielle Dunn-Davis at for questions. Thank you!

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