The Effects of Oversexualization of Black Girls

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Episode 4: Parenting Decolonized Podcast

Hey Fam! Thanks for tuning into to another episode on the Parenting Decolonized podcast. This episode, we are discussing the effects of oversexualizing black girls. From the time the first slave was kidnapped until now, black girls have been objectified and sexualized. Studies show that black girls are seen as more sexually mature than white girls and deserving of less protection. Which is probably why many black families have adopted a toxic form of protection against predators by shaming girls about their bodies, how they dress, and how they act around men. It’s time we unpacked the origins of this fear and what we can do to help our girls learn about sex and their bodies in a healthy and affirming way.

During the show we’re going to break down

  • How we speak to our girls about sex can induce shame around their bodies

  • Why comprehensive sex education can create less risky behavior around sex

  • How sexual socialization helps them think about their attractiveness

  • The ways black culture contributes to oversexualizing black girls

  • Age appropriate ways to have conversations about sex

  • The racist history of the Jezebel trope

  • Why exploring the messages you received as child is important

  • Advice for parents who’ve experienced sexual trauma as a child.

Decolonizing our parenting means really understanding where the messages around sex originated and how we’ve been socialized to view sex and sexuality in this country. We have a lot of work to do towards unpacking all the ways in which colonization has brainwashed into believing respectability politics will save our black girls from being sexualized and victimized. It won’t. What it will do is create a sense of shame in our girls around their bodies and their very natural sexual curiosity. So parents, let’s make sure we’re centering our daughters and what they need in conversations surrounding sex. Please make sure to subscribe and leave a rating or review to let me know how I’m doing and don’t forget to join me on the Parenting Decolonized Facebook page for a more in depth discussion around the sexual socialization of black girls. Until next time!

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