Bre Mitchell

Friday, January 15 | 5:25pm-5:55pm CST

Bre Mitchell is the founder of Brown Girl Self-Care and the host of the Brown Girl Self-Care podcast. Her vision for starting Brown Girl Self-Care sparked from a need to continuously prioritize her wellbeing after fighting depression twice as well as the desire to ensure Black women, an underserved and overlooked community, embrace their own self-care unapologetically. She takes a faith-based approach to everything she does and offers to the Brown Girl Self-Care community because of her strong belief that God is the ultimate answer to joy, peace, prosperity and health.

When she isn’t fighting for the advancement of normalizing wellness for Black women you can find her with her nose stuck in the latest personal development book, sipping a good wine, watching her teen play video games or binge-watching shows from the 80’s and 90’s.

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